Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ghost speaks on Wiz Khalifa & Drake

Ayo whattup this Big Ghost aka Tony Atlas nahmean. Ayo word bond niggas in the computers community n shit is twistin a nigga facts n shit. Niggas is takin they little quotes n runnin round sayin ayo the god dissed the corny nigga Drake or or or ayo yalls seen what Deini say bout the lizard nigga Wiz n shit nahmean. Niggas is takin the gods quotes out they little contexts n shit namsayin. Ayo first off the god aint have no issues wit these little niggas namsayin. Word. A nigga just out here promotin his latest classic joint n shit nahmean. Second of all aint like a nigga shook bout nothin. Ya know. Ayo how the god gon worry bout offendin a nigga that bleed jamba juice nahmean? Son got ovaltine in his blood. The nigga Drake a nickelodeon nigga son. Nigga look like Grover wit a caesar n shit. Nigga lookin like he got Jim Henson hand goin up his ass n shit. Like he gon teach niggas how to count n shit. Ayo ask that nigga what the letter of the day is namsayin. N that nigga Wiz look like he need to be followin hobbits through the mountains n shit. Nigga lookin like he escape from muthafuckin Mordor namsayin. Nigga look like he just emerge from a swamp or some shit. Nigga look like a goblin n shit. Nigga look like he should be perched on the corner of a nigga building. Gargoyle lookin ass nigga. Plus the nigga army candy is another nigga leftovers n shit. Nigga went in the trash n pulled out some lasagna another nigga wasnt eatin no more n called the shit a meal. Nigga gon flaunt that like he the first nigga to set foot on the moon n shit. Nah nigga ya walkin on Daytona Beach namsayin. Niggas BEEN walkin on that namsayin. Ya broad is some leftovers. How the god gon worry bout offendin these niggas nahmean. Ayo these niggas is the ones tryin to put they face in pictures wit legends G. Niggas is poppin they little face in the corner of a niggas photographs n shit. If yalls is self sufficient niggas build yalls own shit nahmean. When the Wu was comin up back in ‘92 niggas wasn’t tryin to insert they faces in another nigga photos n shit. Niggas built they own monuments namsayin. Niggas in the clan got they own pictures took namsayin. Yalls little niggas stay mentionin yalls affiliations to made niggas n shit. Which reminds a nigga yo…how the little nigga Drake gon do a song wit that sheriff nigga Rick Ross n call they joint Made Men nahmean? Ayo aint like the god got anythin against the nigga Ross. Matter fact my nigga Rae done joints wit the nigga. But at the same time son a law enforcement ass nigga nahmean. Facts is facts namsayin. He a handcuff n badge nigga nahmeans. But thats neither here nor there ya know. Word. Ayo but at the same time these niggas books is written in crayon nahmean. Ayo we live novels son. Yalls little niggas lives is barely pamphlets n shit namsayin. Aint nothin to be ashamed of. But at the same time if you a pamphlet ass nigga stay in yalls lane n stop tryin to blend in with novel niggas. Thats real talk. Yalls on a nigga track wit yalls little go-karts tryin to keep up wit niggas in they racing cars n shit. Niggas got turbo n shit. Yalls little niggas got lawnmower engines nahmean. We actual pioneers nigga. We might split turkeys wit pilgrim niggas but we aint gettin thrown in the pot namsayin. Yalls aint gon small pox a nigga neither namsayin. Niggas gon get they scalps took off if they try to throw a nigga in they cauldron nahmean. Anyhow like the god was sayin yalls niggas stop twistin a nigga words n shit n make sure if you gon distribute a nigga quotes like that that yalls get the entire paragraphs n shit. Word.
Aight peace.
BIG GHOSTFACE said this on February 7th, 2011 at 12:46 am


  1. yoooooo. this nigga pretty tony is the REALEST nigga of ALL TIME!!!

  2. Are there two different ghost blog joints?

  3. Classic post. Keep it pimpin' pimpin